About us

“Contribute to making a more sustainable enviroment with the goal of maintaining, whether or not improving, a livable planet for humans and animals.”

With our knowledge and expertise, we are ambassadors in our network about the application of sustainable installations, in making real estate more sustainable. In addition, we are conversation starters in our network (both business and private) concerning making the built environment more sustainable. To achieve this goal we think in terms of possibilities, instead of impossibilities.

We still notice that choices are always financially driven, which is a logical approach. But a poor living environment can’t be bought off in the end with financial means. We believe that everyone should be more aware of the environment. But, we know, this is a broad concept. That’s why our focus is on reducing energy consumption and emissions of harmful substances, including CO2, with the aim of creating a better living environment both inside and outside the building.

At Drietech & Verhoef are working both strategic/tactical advisors and operational/executive advisors, this is possible due to the different backgrounds of the team. For example, we have been able to gain knowledge from both installers and consultants. We learn from each other, but we also stand for self-development, so you can be unique within the organization.

By combining our passion for technology with believing and promoting a more sustainable living environment, we are convinced that we can stimulate our network concerning this topic. Reduce energy consumption and get energy from it yourself, isn’t that the ultimate thing?!